March 2012 Newsletter

¡Que Sepan!

Did you know?

SEPA is one of only 11 sponsoring NISGUA communities in the United States.

In addition to disseminating a wealth of information from Guatemala, NISGUA, Network in Solidarity with the People Of Guatemala, works to train accompaniers who then live in Guatemala and offer a measure of security to indigenous people workng for dignity and justice.

If you haven't yet done so, Read Viviana Gentry's(SEPA sponsored accompanier) detailed discription of her experiences so far in Guatemala.

(from the 1/15/12 newsletter)

Scholarship Funding

Each year SEPA funds a number of students from the communities of Santa Elena and CopalAA who have completed the education available in their communities.

For most, further education is only available by boarding with families and attending middle or high school in distant communities.

This year SEPA received scholarship requests from 19 students. Requested amounts ranged from $350-$550. (amounts cover fees for an entire school year) All 19 requests were funded for a total of $7,600.

SEPA Annual Meeting

All are invited...

March 10, 2012

Oberlin Public Library


Guest Speaker:

Maggie Paulin

Please come to:

*Welcome back John Gates from his recent trip to Guatemala

*Elect new Board members and officers

*Hear about SEPA's goals for 2012

*Celebrate the acommplishments of 2011!

*Meet others interested in SEPA's mission

Join us!

Budget Goals Achieved

SEPA raised almost $25,000 in its 2011 fiscal year just ended.

The B&B Fundraiser, sales at the Farmers' Market, and donations from the Annual Fund Campaign each earned about 30% of the total.

There are SEPA supporters throughout the United States and of course many here in the northeast Ohio area.

Your support means teachers will be paid, students will receive scholarships, and indigenous farmers and artisans will receive a fair price for their goods.


Annual Meeting Guest Speaker

Maggie Paulin

Montessori Education in Guatemala

Ms Paulin will present her experience as a co-founder of the Mi Casita Montessori school in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Maggie is currently in her third year at Oberlin College where she majors in Latin American Studies. She has worked as an environmental studies intern for the Cloud Forest School in Monteverde, Costa Rica and as a volunteer for the El Nahual Community Center in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

In 2011 Maggie traveled to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala where she met Shirley Yancor, a Guatemalan teacher who recently completed Montessori training. Together, Maggie and Shirley raised sufficient funds to build Quetzaltenango's first Montessori school. In January 2012, Mi Casita Montessori opened for the first class of five students.

SEPA is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to support projects in the Guatemalan communities of Santa Elena 20 de Octubre and Copal AA.