2011 Annual Report

SEPA Accomplishments 3/1/11-2/29/12

Scholarships for Students of Santa Elena: SEPA funded 18 scholarships for six girls and twelve boys to continue their education beyond 6th grade, nine in middle school and nine in high school. Total contribution to scholarships: $7,321.

Supplemental Teacher Salaries in Santa Elena: Each of the two teachers in Santa Elena receives a monthly stipend of $27 designated for school supplies from SEPA. The director of the school also receives a monthly travel allowance of $327 that pays for travel, food, and lodging to attend meetings four times a month in the Office of the Educational Ministry, four hours away from Santa Elena.

Support for Middle School in Copal AA: SEPA provided $5,466.57 for salaries for two middle school teachers. This private school does not receive any funds from the government. Past and present donors include SEPA, the Church of the Brethren, American World Jewish Service Organization, SASVIESPANA, and Heather Dean, co-founder of the Copal AA Middle School. SEPA also contributed $400 for student desks for their school.

The 14th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of Santa Elena: SEPA contributed $391 to the 14th Anniversary Celebration that took place in March 2011. Santa Elena invites neighboring communities to this important event that includes a soccer tournament and a dance.

Human Rights: SEPA sponsored a human rights monitor, Viviana Gentry (OC ’11), to work in Guatemala under the supervision of NISGUA (Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala). After her six-month term of service ends in May 2012, Viviana wil return to Oberlin for several speaking engagements to describe her work in Guatemala.

Farmers Market: SEPA sells fruit, produce, basil, cookies, bread, Guatemalan textiles, and occasionally Guatemalan coffee and Guatemalan chocolate at the Oberlin Farmers Market from the first Saturday in May to the last Saturday in October.

Educational Outreach: SEPA provided educational programs about its work in Guatemala for the Universalist Unitarian Fellowship, four introductory Spanish classes at Oberlin College, and the third grade students at Prospect School in Oberlin.l

Environmental Service: SEPA contributed $793 to the Chico Mendes Reforestation Project, where Oberlin College students in past Winter Term projects have participated in community service to this environmental enterprise.

Community Activities: SEPA participated in the Alternative Gift Fair, the Family Fun Fair, and the World Cultural Fair.

News and Publicity: In February 2011, SEPA received 501C3 tax exempt status. Also its website has been refurbished and news of SEPA’s work along with current and past newsletters can be found at http://www.obsepa.org

SEPA Summary of Accounts

3/11 to 2/12



Textiles and other Sales


Bed and Breakfast


Carry Over


Total Income











Scholarships: Santa Elena

Donations: Santa Elena

Donations: CopalAA

Teachers: Santa Elena

Donations: Chico Mendez



Sales Costs


Total Expenditures







$ 829.00







Projected Budget for 3/12-3/13

Projected income 2012-13 $28,814.00

Projected outgo 2012-13 $28,700.00

Projected Remainder 2012-13 $114.78