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NISGUA greetings

Dear NISGUA Supporter,

Season's Greetings! As many of you know, this December not only marks the end of the Gregorian calendar, but also the end of the 5,128-year cycle of the Mayan Long-Count calendar. With this cycle's end, a new one begins, and for many in Guatemala,December 2012 invokes an expectation for change.

As NISGUA looks forward to a new year, we embrace the hope of this new era while squarely facing the reality of rising oppression under the administration of President Otto Perez Molina.During the past 12 months there have beengroundbreaking accomplishments in the search for justice, which have been sadly overshadowed by an alarming return to violent military repression against indigenous communities, reminiscent of the darkest days of the conflict. As we look back over the year 2012: 

For an in-depth report on NISGUA's critical role in these struggles for human rights in Guatemala, please read our NISGUA 2012 Accomplishments.

This holiday season support from our grassroots network is absolutely critical. As a testament to the strength of our base, our 2013 funding will come exclusively from individual donors. Today, we ask you to please give a meaningful financial gift.This December, sign up to become a monthly sustaining donor by selecting "recurring contribution" under your donation amount and receive a FREE set of six NISGUA greeting cards in appreciation. Only with your generosity and commitment will we be able to support the human rights struggles that will mark this new era in Guatemalan history.

With sincere appreciation for your continued support,

Megan Whelan
US Operations Coordinator

With all of the NISGUA staff team: 
Bridget, Courtne
y, and Graham